Love You Some You

Although February 14th is a day set aside for lovers, there should be no greater love than the love we have for ourselves. We do so when true honor, trust, and respect accompanies that love. When we love ourselves completely, we're totally content with who we are and proud of the skin we're in. There's no judging, denying, or lying. We're honest, accountable, and responsible for ourselves and our actions. When we come up short or stumble along life's way, understand that it's okay because we'll always be a work in progress. There are no permanent losses in life--only wins and lessons. It's the lessons that leave us even tougher and stronger than we were before.

Loving ourselves means being proud of who stares back at you in the mirror. Proudly owning and embracing all of our scars and imperfections. If there's an emotion that needs purging, or if there's anything about us we'd like to change, we should love ourselves enough and never hesitate to seek improvement. Although February 14th may be set aside to honor our Valentine, every moment of every day is time to love on who should matter the most in your life-–yourself! Because if you can't fully love yourself some you, it will be impossible to truly love others.

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