As If

My greatest take away from the past year is that life truly is lived moment by moment. The year 2020 forced me to take a thorough look inside and genuinely try to get to know all of me. I discovered it's okay to experience and work through my feelings and emotions. To hold on to what serves me and release what no longer does. I've discovered we have the power to transform lessons into blessings. I'm keenly aware that life isn't lived on a straight line from birth to death--it comes with all kinds of obstacles, loops, peaks, valleys, turns, and sharp angles. I've also discovered that faith, focus, gratitude, expectations, positive thoughts, and intention are the tools I use to negotiate my way through.

It's important that we always guard our thoughts. Immerse yourselves in positive energy and practice giving it away to others. Like causes will always produce like effects. We must always call on the amazing power within us by thinking and living positively. We create what we think about when we choose to act as if it's reality while removing all negativity and doubt. Live to the positive imagery you create in your mind. We do so while being acutely aware of the power surging within all of us.

Our faith, gratitude, and expectations lay the foundation for our lives to be built upon. See who you want to be and dispel all negativity. We grow when we acknowledge and understand there's always room to do so. No matter what you're going through, sow positive seeds of growth. When we live every moment of our lives as if, we control our narrative and destiny.

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