Change With The Changes

If nothing else, the pace and struggles of 2020 have taught us that we must adapt and change right along with the rapid changes currently taking place in the world. Nearly three quarters complete, I'm sure the majority of us would agree that this is a year we'd like to forget and put behind us. Ingesting daily doses of illness, death, violence, racism, and civil unrest has everyone on edge and seeking relief. It feels as if life's changes are happening faster than the world is spinning. Even the days, weeks, and months appear to run together. It can weigh on our emotions and feel as if we're racing through the fog of a never-ending nightmare.

As for me, I have to continuously remind myself that it's okay to not feel okay at times. Life constantly changes and I have to change with it. I surely don't want to take this year's clutter with me into next year. How do we change with change? We sort out, examine, and try to work through the things we don't like while knowing in our hearts that tough times like these never last, and ultimately, we're in control our lives. It's the mindset needed to remind ourselves and each other that despite how chaotic the world looks to us now; everything will eventually be okay.

It's not easy and our stressors are at an all-time high, but these storms are made for us to weather through to get to the other side. Moment by moment, we must change with these trying times and refuse to be defeated by them. Process the changes in your lives and change with them. We are much more powerful and stronger than we think or believe. Visualize and create your reality. Or in other words, "See who you truly desire to be."

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