Still Unequal

It's difficult to fathom in the year 2020, that women are still judged as unequal to men. Why haven't they ever received a fair shake and why does the glass ceiling appear to only apply to them? I'm not referring to token advances like the right to vote or the right to occupy certain positions with limited power. Why can't power and fairness be mutually shared across the board?

Even after proving themselves a worthy and equal counterpart to men, they're still seen as unequal to some men in every measure and walk in life. Each of their great achievements always comes with a subtle nudge, seen or unseen, to hold them slightly lower in comparison to men.

This provokes you to ask yourself, what keeps them there? The male ego? The thought of their masculinity potentially being diminished? Personally, I believe the world would be a far greater place if both sexes saw and respected each other as equals. The world would then wear a balance it has never known before. Mutual respect would lessen any conflicts and residual bitterness between men and women. Women would no longer be treated and viewed as less if they're truly embraced and appreciated as equal to men. Inequality would then forever wear equality!

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