Devaluing Value

It appears in this day and age, that instant self-gratification is the only thing that matters. So much so, that most of us will do anything to get whatever we want and wherever we want to go out of life. Even and especially if it comes at the expense of devaluing others. We do this constantly by judging, lying, undermining, competing, and downgrading others.

The sad irony in this is some of us actually believe that our successes and values are only possible by putting others down, which by the way couldn't be further from the truth. In truth, everyone can succeed while wishing only the highest and best for everyone else. What happened to kindness, courtesy, support, mutual respect, and genuinely caring for someone or some cause greater than yourself?

In order to remedy these behaviors and attitudes, we must begin with looking in the mirror and examining who we truly are. Truly assess and take a long look at who you truly are instead of how you project yourself to the world--not the perfect lives we've created and portray on social media, where we pretend our lives are perfect without any problems or issues. Have we devolved to the point where we feel happier burying our pain, disappointments, sadness, and anxieties deep inside instead of facing and working through them? Affixing the false mask of a smile and pretending to be happy when you leave your house each day does far more harm than good.

Becoming who we truly are takes a lot of practice and work, but it's possible. We're all valuable, we all have a purpose, and we all matter. There's no shame to sometimes doubt or judge ourselves. At times, we're even judgmental towards others. Together, let's slow this fast-paced, microwaveable social media culture by slowing down enough to be kind to others while staying true to yourself. When we know the value of ourselves, we'll uplift the value of others.

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