Spring's Sprung

With Spring's arrival, all life begins anew. Flowers, buds, and trees begin to bloom and blossom, and the bumble bees are busy pollinating it all. New life sprouts up and grows all around us as Winter begins its hibernation. The warm temperatures and sunny skies automatically brighten everyone's mood.

Spring's warmth and showers accelerate growth's explosion as it sets the table for Summer. The buds and blossoms of Spring will reach maturity by Summertime. Flowers will be in full bloom, lawns will be green, and the trees will wear their soft, pliable leaves. Longer days filled with more sunlight will soften and moisten the soil for gardening and planting. Everything feels fresh and new--as do we.

Spring gives us an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. We get to enjoy the parks, amphitheaters, and and other outdoor venues as well. We even welcome the pollen, as long as there are warm rain showers to wash it away. We get to thoroughly clean our homes and store our cold weather clothing away.

Spring is a symbol of rebirth. It's when hibernating animals like bears awaken and become active. It's when other species give birth to their offspring as well. With daylight saving time, we're even given an extra hour to enjoy the warm weather months. There's so much to look forward to--Easter, Passover, Earth Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day all occur in the warm weather months as well. Lastly, Spring brings us cheer and warmth while lifting every last one of us out of Winter's doldrums and cold temperatures. Enjoy your Spring!

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