Smart Technology: Help Or Hindrance?

Tremendous technological advances have been occurring within this last century or so. Some are brand new while others are improvements of existing technology. With smartphones, computers, televisions, appliances, and even automobiles, could our digital progression be expediting our regression as people? In this world of apps, walls, pages,

websites and even music, it’s far too easy to become complacent and lulled into mindlessness.

Armed with a smartphone, you can practically purchase anything you desire: cars, vacations,clothing, and groceries. You can apply for mortgages, credit, do your banking, purchase insurance and investment products as well. You can also apply for a job, find a date, babysitter, or pet groomer. If you’ve already left for your vacation and are unsure of whether you turned off the appliances or lights, adjusted the thermostat, or even locked

the door, there’s no need to panic--you can take care of all of these things with your


How are families affected? There’s hardly any conversations over meals anymore. Even in restaurants, you’ll see entire families just sitting there reading or playing with their phones instead of talking and laughing with each other. And if you do happen to see them talking, chances are they’re discussing something they saw while on their phone. Not to mention how alluring and addictive social media platforms have become--i.e. FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Studies show that spending two hours on your phone a day is equal to an entire month in a calendar year.

While these amazing technological strides have no doubt helped more than they have

harmed, if we’re not careful, they’ll easily distract us and distort our reality, our focus, and things like human touch and face to face interaction. Blocks of time and pieces of life will be lost to and controlled by our smart devices. Let's make a commitment to be smarter and to do better.

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