This New Life (Poem or Song) National Poetry Month (Ode to C.B.)

God's made all my dreams come true,

And now He's blessed me even more.

A beautiful love growing inside, that's soon due,

A love like I've never known before.

This new life will fuel my purpose,

Who I'll grind and secure the bag for.

The hardships I've faced, you'll never have to see,

'Cause my focus in life, is for you to thrive and soar.

You're the greatest thing to ever happen to me,

I'll give you all of my soul and heart.

I gladly accept responsibility for all you hope to be,

Forever bonded by love, we'll never be apart.

My new life now has joy, purpose and pride,

I'm filled with a love I thought could never find me.

This new life which is you growing inside,

Will forever be the best part of me.

You're my gift and my blessing,

And the greatest part of my life.

You growing inside of me, is my highest priority,

Being your mother will always trump being anyone's wife.

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