My Writing Process

There's no uniformed process when it comes to writing. Everyone must find their own way and perfect whtever works best for them. How does one keep their ideas organized? Do you use an outline? How do you create and develop characters? These are just a couple of pieces to the puzzle each writer must assemble and solve in order to craft their very best work.

Most fiction writers are aware that fiction is loosely based on truth. When I'm writing a novel, I subscribe to the idea of sketching out a chapter outline for the book first. But before doing that, I prefer to write the ending first. Like I said earlier, there's no right or wrong way, just whatever feels comfortable to you. Sometimes, even after I've created an ouline and have began writing, I may or may not make changes along the way.

I keep plugging away, and before long, I have a finished manuscript. When you write from your heart, and put your all into a project, there's nothing more satisfying than creating something you love. The icing on the cake is when your readers enjoy it and can't wait for your next book!

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