The Importance of Mentors

I've always been a proponent of accumulating mentors. I believe they've been crucial during every facet of my journey. Male or female, I'm willing to seek their advice, trying to glean their best qualities and incorporate them into my own life. In no way do I believe doing so lessens who you are as an indvidual, nor will it stifle your own ideas, beliefs and special qualities.

Initially coming from military life, then assimilating into working a job daily, my business acumen was sorely lacking. I've always loved to write, and I feel I'm fairly okay and steadily improving. On the other hand learning about traditional and social media, along with marketing , is a whole new concept for me. I imagine it will continue to be an ongoing process. Most times, I feel as though I'm still only at the tip of the iceberg of my learning curve. Even then, as we all know, learning is a lifetime process full of endless possibilities.

I've also learned in order to be successfull, don't hesitate to seek out those who've experienced success. Believing and investing in yourself is essential. It starts with self. You must be willing to do the work, remain disciplined and humble and of course, take criticism in stride and with a smile. Remain positive and never, ever quit! So, Ms. Nikki Woods, Ms. Jill Capri-Sims and Mr. Otis Windham, thanks for all the wisdom you willingly share. I'm eternally grateful!

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