Tips For Writing Christian Fiction

When writing Christian fiction, follow these simple tips:

( They can be used when writing general fiction as well )

1. Read the Bible. It goes without saying that in order to write accurately, some study of the Word is required.

2. Purchase a copy of " The Elements Of Style " by William Strunk and E.B. White. It's a great reference tool for writers. It teaches grammar, punctuation, tense and covers all the specifics of writing.

3. Choose your POV ( first person, second person, etc.)

4. Create flawed, yet believable characters with relatable issues to overcome. Readers want to connect and feel invested in your characters.

5. Be real, but not raunchy. Especially when describing true life situations, i.e. lust, temptation, forgiveness, waning faith, etc.

6. Weave the prevailing theme throughout the entire story.

Stay tuned! More tips to come!

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