Running In Plain Sight (Chapter 5)

Another near death moment survived, but unfortunately, two more lives taken by my hands. Once again, I was on the run , but this time with no particular destination- just far enough for a new start and a new identity. Hopefully someplace where trouble won't find me.

While running, I spotted a truck leaving the freight yard. I jumped on and hid under the tarp covering its bed. It was freezing cold, and before long, I was numb to the cold air. After a couple of days and nights of riding and hiding, I hopped out in Carson City, Nevada. I wandered around for a day or so, making sure I wasn't followed before finding a clean room and to look for work. Finding work wasn't difficult because I was always willing to take anything. ' All work is good work, as long as it's honest work', is what Pa always said. I took a job at a ranch mucking stables, another washing dishes and losing and unloading freight on occasion.

Carson City was a great town, and I came to know a lot of good folks. There was a mixture of all kinds: Asian, Mexican, Colored and White folks. It was the first time I ever ran across a whole heap of fair and decent white folk. When I wasn't working, which wasn't often, I studied the Bible, checked books out from the library and read everything I could get my hands on. I still held in my heart everything Pa told me, and was kind to everyone I met. Still saving everything I earned, I could no longer carry it on my person. I purchased a satchel to carry my money in.

Just like San Francisco, I got a heap of attention from the womenfolk. They were everywhere, and I was no different from any other red blooded man. I wanted a family of my own-a wife and young-uns. But I felt in my heart it wasn't fair to make my troubles someone else's. My life was already at risk, and I knew it wouldn't be right to endanger anyone else.

I'm not proud of it, but I fornicated with a lot of women. But, no matter how strong the feelings I had for them grew, I could never commit myself to anyone.

Summers in Carson City's desert climate were blazing hot during the day, and freezing during the night. It was very dry, and it didn't rain too much. Winters were cold, sunny but cold nonetheless. Folks here were friendly and neighborly enough, but mostly they minded their business and kept to themselves. Of course, like anyplace else, Carson City wasn't without its bad apples. Life was pretty good, but I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop.....

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