Home (Chapter 3)

Before I could cradle the phone, Heather joined me in the family room with a concerned look on her face. " Is everything ok, love?"

" Yes sweetheart, as a matter of fact is. That guy on the phone was my nephew Rudy, Juanita's son."

" Your sister Juanita?"

" Yes, the very same."

" Well, what did he want? Judging by that huge grin of yours, it must be good news of some sort."

" It is. They're throwing Juanita a surprise fiftieth birthday party, and they want us to attend. I told him we would; do you think we should go?"

" Absolutely! You and your sister haven't seen or spoke to each other in thirty years. Far too long if you ask me. I can't imagine what it's been like for both of you. You need to do this Randy, both of you. You even need to see your father as well. I believe- I know it'll do you both a world of good. I'm sure your therapist would agree. Maybe you'll find closure, or at least gain enough peace within to bring an end to the nightmares. I'm no therapist, but even I know the pain from the past remains until we gain the courage to face and work through it. When is the party?"

" Two Saturdays from now."

" Your class reunion invitation came in the mail. It's scheduled for the same weekend. I'll call, RSVP and make our flight arrangements now."

" Don't you mean later this morning, sweetie?"

" I mean right now love. I'm far too excited to sleep. I have a good feeling about this Randy. You, me, Randy and Mia, we all need this. I know they can't get away from school right now, but hopefully they'll have a chance to meet and get to know them in the future. There's a whole side of their family they've yet to know."

" Sounds good honey, but let's just take one step at a time, ok?"

" You're right love, let's do that. Come to bed now."

I'm too wound up to sleep now, babe." She took my hand, smiled seductively and said, " Exactly, I didn't say anything about sleep, now did I?"

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