For Only A Season - Promise Made and Promise Kept (Chapter 11)

" But right now.......' Lula took my hand. ' I need to hear you promise me that you'll raise this beautiful boy as your very own. God has shown me he's going to grow up to be a good man, blessed to have your love and devotion. No one in Greensboro has seen me in months, much less had a clue I was pregnant. And aside from family, no one has seen you either. Will you do me this final favor and raise this child? Please say that you will. I'd be so honored and grateful.'

" Yes Lula, of course I will. I promise to raise and care for this beautiful baby boy. I promise to give him the best of me always."

" Thank you so much. After all, he is a Flood. I know he'll grow up to be tall, strong, and smart with a good and kind heart like his folks." With those words, a hug, and a kiss, Lula smiled, closed her eyes, and passed on from this world to the next.'

" After a thorough examination, Doc wrapped and swaddled the baby before handing him to me. When I held that beautiful baby in my arms for the first time and his eyes met mine, it was love at first sight, just like it was when Bull's eyes met mine. He looked at me and smiled, and my heart just melted. Looking into those big, beautiful brown eyes of his felt like looking into the face of God Himself. So beautiful and perfect, I could feel nothing but the most incredible kind of love. It was different from the love I had for Bull, but it felt just as powerful. That new, tiny boy restored my waning faith, and my life had a renewed purpose. He needed me, and God knows I needed him. I didn't carry him in my womb for nine months, nor did I give birth to him, but he was my child, and I was his mother. Bull's blood coursed through his veins, and through Lula, so did mine."............

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