For Only A Season - First Day of Summer (Chapter 9)

Summer's solstice heralded the arrival of summer. It was the one day of the year when the sun was farthest north of the equator, which brought to the South, down here in Alabama at least, blazing humid days and sweltering nights. The only relief we received from this stifling heat was the intermittent rains.

The beautiful buds of spring had blossomed into the beauty known as summer. Life had exploded and matured. Trees once clothed with blooms were now adorned with new, pliable leaves. The grass turned vibrant green, and the buds had opened into brightly colored flowers. It was as if Mother Earth herself, after her infancy and adolescence of spring, had matured into a lovely young woman called Summer.

I managed to relax, listen to my heart, and settle into a routine. To stay busy, I oversaw the construction of the winery's buildings. We had the soil ready to receive the vines come Autumn's first frost. When I wasn't conducting winery business, I either went to the parlor with Blackie and Uncle Clem or ran whatever errands he needed me to. On occasion, I ferried Grammy to order groceries.

Socially, I'd been on a few dates with Dora from Frankie and Doc's clinic. We attended my family's annual Memorial Day cookout together, and went to the movies and out to supper a few times. Though we lacked a romantic spark, we became fast friends - so much so, I introduced her to Blackie, and they've become serious.

Frankie had been seeing David, one of her colleagues at Druid City Memorial. She'd brought him to supper at the farm, and Dora and I even double dated with them a time or two. We still ran into each other at supper sometimes, so we'd sit and talk. I liked talking to her, as did my heart, which seemed to come alive whenever I was near her........

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