For Only A Season - Scooter and Deja (Chapter 8)

After a quick bite and a scolding from Grammy for missing supper, I made it up to my room for the night. Still feeling the effects of the whiskey, I decided to sit out on the deck for a while and take in the night's beauty. The full moon outshone the constellations of twinkling stars, and the late spring breeze felt wonderful.

I was about to get up and put on some music when I heard a familiar voice behind me. " There you are. I wondered when I was going to catch you alone again." When I turned around, I froze. I couldn't believe that I saw my wife Deja, as beautiful as ever, surrounded in light.

" What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

" Is it really you?"

" Of course it is. Come back over here and sit down. We need to talk." I came back and took a seat as she asked. She was so beautiful. Those eyes and that smile were the same. " I knew I saw you all those times," I said. " I knew my mind wasn't playing tricks on me." I moved toward her, but she motioned for me to sit back down. " I've missed you too, Pollux. You don't know how much."

" It really tore me up when you left me baby. I've felt so guilty about a lot of things. I should have been a better husband, worked less, and spent more time with you. I keep thinking if I'd only gone to the doctor with you like you'd asked me, you'd still be here with me."

" You shouldn't think that way, We're born into this world knowing we'll leave at a certain point. I want you to accept that. I also want you to know you were a great husband. I loved that you were trying to make partner. You were always so focused, and I admired that about you."

" I don't know what to say. There's so much I want to know. Are you okay? Is the baby okay?"

" We're better than okay. We're great. I came to you tonight to tell you this and to ask a favor of you."...

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