For Only a Season - FREE Chapter 10 Excerpt

" When we finally made it back home, I went to look in on Bull, and that's whenI saw that Lula was in our bed with Bull! I couldn't believe my eyes. Of course, what I didn't know at the time was that Lula was pretending to be me. Your grandpa was so groggy that he just kept saying he thought Lula was me. I never imagined Lula wanted my very own husband for herself. I couldn't even begin to rationalize what I was feeling at that moment. The utter shock and betrayal at the hands of the two people that I loved the most was almost too much to bear. I almost allowed it to take me to a very dark place.

" I suppose I should have figured it out, though. Whenever I made mention about the poems, notes, and so forth that Bull would give me, Lula hung onto every word and wanted to know every intimate detail about us, if you know what I mean." Grammy paused to wipe a tear from her cheek. " So I threw her out and moved to another bedroom in the house. I vowed to never speak to her again. As far as I was concerned, I no longer had a sister."......

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